Dr. Qin Fan, Psy.D.
Bay Area
San Francisco, California
Bay Area
San Francisco, California
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Fertility Counseling

Family Building Using Gametes Donation & Surrogacy

A member of American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), I support the family building efforts of all clients including single women or men and same sex couples.

  • Psychological counseling for recipients or intended parents for the use of egg, sperm, or embryo donation, and/or gestational surrogacy (50 minutes)
  • Psychological counseling for fertility preservation: egg freezing or embryo freezing using donor gametes (50 minutes)

Donor and Gestational Carrier Psychological Evaluation

A psychological screening is required for egg or sperm donors and gestational carriers by fertility clinics and donor and surrogacy agencies. About 2 hours including:

  • A 50-minute clinical interview
  • Psychological testing of donor or carrier using MMPI-2-RF or PAI  (40-60 minutes)

Infertility Counseling

Starting a family can be an exhilarating time for many, yet for some it can be disappointing. Couples going through fertility treatment or considering other family building options often describe this process as an emotional roller-coaster. Many live through this experience in isolation. Infertility can stir up a host of emotions: shock, anger, grief, depression, guilt, and despair. However, you don’t have to do this alone. Individual or couples counseling can support you in many areas including:

  • Coping with stress, anxiety, or depression related to infertility issues
  • Infertility treatment decision-making
  • Dealing with family and friends
  • Relationship adjustment
  • Pregnancy loss and grief
  • Exploring third party family building options
  • Counseling for the use of egg, sperm donation and/or gestational surrogacy
  • Adoption or child free living