Dr. Qin Fan, Psy.D.
Bay Area
San Francisco, California
Bay Area
San Francisco, California
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Whether you are a young adult launching yourself or a well-seasoned adult taking stock of your life, our work together should help you discover more joy and a sense of purpose in the realm of work and love.

Individual Therapy

We are all our own heroes with “a thousand faces” (Joseph Campbell), traveling a path of obstacles and transformations. Whether you are grappling with relationships, family planning, sexual concerns, carrier challenges, or coming to terms with the past, therapy can help you develop tools and implement skills to make changes and to be fully alive.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy including premarital or marriage counseling can help you hone in on the capacity and skills to communicate more effectively and nurture a relationship of greater intimacy and fulfillment. Depending on your needs, couples therapy sessions can be arranged for 75 minutes or longer per session.

Fertility Counseling

I provide support and guidance to individuals pursuing assisted reproduction such as IVF using egg/sperm donation or gestational surrogacy.

  • Recipients and Intended Parents Psychological Consultation
  • Donor and Gestational Carrier Psychological Evaluation
  • Infertility Counseling