Third Party Reproduction Assistance and Fertility Preservation

Whether you are considering family building alternatives or seeking third party reproduction assistance, I can help you navigate through this complex process at various decision points by providing the following services, typically required by reproductive medicine clinics or agencies in the U.S.:

  • Precycle psychological consultation for recipients of egg, sperm or embryo donation, or intended parents using the service of gestational carriers, and embryo donors
  • Psychological consultation for those who choose to preserve fertility by choice or due to medical conditions 

Psychological Consultations usually includes a 50 minute clinical interview and an additional hour for the report writing. 

Psychological evaluation can take up approximately 90-120 minutes including testing and interview time with the candidates. Typically, an additional 2-3 hours is required for test scoring, interpretation, assimilation of data and report writing.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss fees for services needed and schedule your appointment.

我们诊所是美国生殖医学学会会员。诊所位于美国加利福尼亚州旧金山市中心的金融区。提供服务对象包括: 渴望成为父母的单身,夫妻及情侣/伴侣。服务项目提供专家门诊,探讨你的家庭及婴儿设计方案,尤其是有关人工辅助生育科技治疗选择:在美国用试管受孕,或用欧亚裔所捐卵子及精子产子,或用代孕母亲产子。


  • 鉴定/确认你的家庭生育需求
  • 探讨人工生育科技治疗选择
  • 为你选择最胜任的辅助生殖中心及医生
  • 为你提供有关用试管受孕,代孕代育及其相关的心理咨询
  • 为你的卵子/精子捐献者或代妈提供必须的心理测试
  • 为你选择最胜任的律师起草有关法律合同


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